If you’re in Jinja for just a short while, this is the perfect tour for you. You would rather miss on any attraction but not this one.


  • Boat cruise
  • Birding
  • Nature walk
  • Reptile Park
  • Crafts shopping

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Source of the Nile

Source of the Nile

River Nile is well known to be the longest river in the world. Its source is?right here at?Jinja, Uganda.?If you may be wondering how the name Nile come about, it?s a famous Greek word simply meaning valley. The river?flows from the surrounding areas close to the equator to the outrageous Safari desert and up to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The river is about 6696km long and pours its waters in Egypt.

?The Nile is settled?

This was the content of a telegraph sent by Sir John Hanning Speke to London in 1862 to settle the Victorian obsession with finding the Source of the Nile. Step into the explorers footsteps with our magnificent views of the Nile in all its majesty.

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