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Unlocking Potential, Empowering Talents In Busoga Region!

Minister of Tourism and Heritage, Owek Hellen Namutamba, united over 150 Busoga talents at the Kingdom Headquarters in Bugembe. Several talents attended the meeting included the Music artists, Comedians, MCS, Kickboxers, Film and movie makers among others.

On behalf of Busoga Kingdom, Minister Namutamba introduced Mr. Jaffar Suleiman of JF Solutions (a UK based and Bukooli Chiefdom born) and gave him tools of power as the official promoter of Talents & Arts under her ministry.

In an innovative gathering, Hon. Hellen passionately advocated for inclusivity as she urged events managers to feature local artist! “Let’s embrace our homegrown talents and give them the platform they deserve!” – Hon Hellen argued the promoters.

“But the wisdom didn’t stop there!” Mr. Jaffar, in his informative address, emphasized the power of digital platforms in connecting the full potential of one’s talents. “Giving a radio, a television, or library your music isn’t the only way you can promote your music,” he wisely noted. Let’s embrace the digital age and turn our passions into profitable opportunities!

Together, let’s table a path towards success, unity, and prosperity for Busoga’s vibrant artistic community!